Kinetic Ventures

About Kinetic Ventures

Kinetic Ventures is a venture capital investor in high growth, industry defining information, communications, and power/clean technology companies. For over two decades we have partnered with outstanding entrepreneurs to build world-class enterprises. Kinetic partners with many remarkable entrepreneurs in the creation of industry defining companies like Ciena, VerticalOne, Corvis, Cerent, Peace Software, Broadware, APX, Calix, Altierre, SmartSynch, Clear Standards, and Cyan.

Since 1985, we have organized and managed nine early stage venture funds. Our first seven funds were corporate venture funds capitalized entirely by Fortune 500 scale U.S. and European Electric and Gas Utilities investing from their balance sheets. During our 20+ year history we have worked closely with the senior executive teams of our corporate investors in understanding their pressing market problems and how emerging information, communications, and power technologies can solve their most vexing business requirements. As a result, Kinetic has deep understanding of Fortune 500 corporate buying behavior and has access, via its Corporate Advisory Board, to senior executives from the Power, Communications and Information Technology fields. Kinetic combines this deep market understanding with seasoned venture capital investing experience. Our management team has a combined 50 years working together executing Kinetic's early-stage investing model.

Since 2008, Kinetic funds have been capitalized by corporate pension, endowment and family office investors. We primarily invest in early stage companies. We will also selectively invest in seed and growth stage opportunities. Areas of focus include:

  • Information Technology. Solutions that deliver greater efficiency, collaboration, security and functionality to users.
  • Communications. Solutions that bring greater speed, functionality, usability or accessibility to voice, data and video networks.
  • Power/Clean Technology. Solutions for the power and related industries that take advantage of the ongoing and rapid evolution in communications, information and energy technologies.
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