Kinetic Ventures


Kinetic Ventures seeks partnerships with entrepreneurs dedicated to building high growth, industry leading companies in information, communications, and power/clean technology segments. We strive to partner with management teams that combine entrepreneurial drive, domain expertise and a track record of success in relevant, high-growth environments.

Our size of investment ranges from $2 million to $7 million. For larger investments we will arrange a syndicate of investors. Our preferred exit is through an IPO or acquisition.

Our level of involvement is flexible; however, we frequently serve on a portfolio company's board of directors. Majority control is not a requirement.

To initiate a dialogue with us, entrepreneurs should forward a business plan that describes:

  • The rapidly growing market to be addressed
  • The lasting competitive advantage the company intends to exploit
  • The unique qualities of the management team
  • The financial prospects and requirements for the business
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