Kinetic Ventures

Our Focus

Kinetic Ventures seeks to partner with outstanding entrepreneurs in a number of areas. Historically, we have invested in communications, information and power/clean technology companies. Below is an illustrative but not comprehensive list of current areas of focus:

Information Technology

  • Mobile platforms
  • Open source
  • On-Demand computing
  • Customized content and entertainment
  • Lite applications
  • Security/Identity management


  • Last mile connectivity
  • Video over the Internet
  • RFID/sensor networks
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Mobile video
  • Quadruple play

Power/Clean Technology

  • Smart grid
  • Low carbon solutions
  • Efficiency
  • Environmental finance
  • Sustainable industrial processes
  • Green building materials

Geographic Focus

Kinetic invests in companies across the United States and selectively in Canada and outside of North America.

Investment Stage

Kinetic invests primarily in early stage companies. We selectively invest in seed and growth stage companies as well.

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