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The following is a list of our active portfolio companies with links to each of the company's homepage.

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A platform to help companies structure and analyze their performance data across stakeholder categories, helping gain important insight into organizational performance challenges and reducing the dependency on external sources of expert advice.


Develops wireless business solutions for consumer retail chains that dramatically reduce operational costs and improve revenue generation.


A leading enterprise-class, cloud-based mobile platform that dramatically decreases the cost and complexity of multi-device application development, deployment, and maintenance. It is the only solution that offers non-technical users the ability to assemble and deploy HTML5, native iOS, and native Android apps without having to write code or install any software.


Provides trusted technology, information, analytics, and services for the energy and environmental markets.


A global leader in smart networking solutions for service providers and enterprises in over 80 countries.


A transaction marketing pioneer that unites banks and merchants to provide rich rewards to customers based on their individual purchase behavior.
Cyan Optics

Cyan, Inc. (NYSE: CYNI)

Cyan is building next generation communications systems to address the new requirements created by high bandwidth services. (IPO in May 2013)


A global mobile solutions company provider of innovative technology for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries.


A provider of lease insurance products for apartment building owners.

LogicBlox-Predictix Holdings, Inc.

Delivers the next-generation of Big Data vertical applications.


A leader in the development of multi-channel, collaborative product management software.

Schoox, Inc.

A leader in the Learning Management Space (LMS).

STAQ, Inc.

A platform for unifying data across digital ad technologies, for greater visibility and control.
Talon Aerolytics

Talon Aerolytics

Utilizes emerging Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies to capture high resolution imaging data for the cellular, industrial, commercial, and agriculture industries.
Tower Cloud

Tower Cloud

Tower Cloud is focused on the delivery of reliable and cost efficient mobile backhaul services to wireless carriers nationally.

Virtual Instruments (formerly Load DynamiX)

A leading provider of testing and analytics solutions for the data center.


Vizbee changes the way viewers find and experience online video by enabling content owners to provide 1-click “swipe to TV” casting on any connected screen from a content link discovered on the phone (and in social) without the need for hardware or installing apps. Further, during the viewing, Vizbee delivers a relevant synchronized experience on the phone for advertising, content and commerce.

Weather Analytics

Provides statistically stable climate and forecast data formed by an extensive collection of historical, current and forecasted weather content, coupled with proprietary analytics methodologies. In addition, Weather Analytics offers more than 580 weather variables (such as air temperature, wind speed and solar radiation) for enhanced weather intelligence and risk mitigation.

Zift Solutions

Zift Solutions provides powerful tools to syndicate marketing programs to enhance channel partner marketing productivity.
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